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Sunday, 28 July 2013

TGO Challenge 2013. Day 2: Gerry's Hostel to Loch na Caoidhe

 The "Goddess" had suffered a less than heavenly sleep.
Apparently there had been much snoring during the night emanating from various bunks.
I was accused of being one of the culprits. I never heard anything myself, maybe she had been dreaming...

There was no rush for me this morning thankfully, as it was not pleasant outside.
Richard and Charlie were not due to arrive at the station in Achnashellach until 10:40 and then they had an hour's walk along the road to meet up with me at the hostel.
After the other Challengers had stepped out into the rain, I spent a lazy morning mainly drinking coffee and eating.
Gerry made a brief, scary appearance wearing dressing gown and slippers and asked me to "spread the word", he didn't say what the word was though and I still haven't figured it out.

The weather began to brighten up as I packed and I observed the Kyle of Lochalsh train passing by, sure enough an hour later I met Richard and Charlie beside the road at Gerry's.
Charlie and yours truly                              photo courtesy of Richard.Wood
Pleasantries were exchanged, much fussing of Charlie ensued, and then we were off, on our way off up the track towards Pollan Buidhe.

Richard brought news of impending bad weather, moving in from the west around midday tomorrow. Plans of a high walk on the Moruisg ridge were abandoned and we decided to push on as far as we could today to try to get ahead of the forthcoming crappy weather.

Richard and Charlie
I first met Richard on the Challenge in 2007. We had both started out in Mallaig that year and our routes had crossed several times. We ended up finishing as part of a good sized group on St Cyrus beach and have stayed in touch ever since.
Last year Richard completed his Munro round and I was pleased to be with him, his partner Becky and his friends when he achieved this.
Richard and Becky had kindly offered to put me up for the night in Beauly and he had joined me as part of his training for a forthcoming Pennine Way walk. I was happy to have both Richard and Charlie along to join me for a few days.

Heading out into the wilds
 The miles always tend to pass by quickly when in company, and soon enough we arrived at Glenuaig Lodge where we stopped off for a brew and a bite to eat in what could be loosely described as a "bothy". We figured that this shed, including bunk bed and electricity! had been built to prevent emergency break-ins to the lodge. Good idea.

Glenuaig Lodge shed              photo courtesy of Richard.Wood       
We then headed out along boggy country for a few miles before crossing the River Meig about 1km west of the lovely path up the Coire Mhoraigeinn.
Rough walking
The route up the high pass was wonderful, full of sparkling waterfalls and views back to the hills of the far north west. The sun made an appearance as we neared the top of the pass, but energy levels were low now and our thoughts turned to finding a good pitch for the night.

Nearing the top of the pass
Once over the top of the high pass, views opened up of the Strathfarrar Munros to the south, maybe these hills were achievable tomorrow, before the weather closed in?

The Strathfarrar Munros
 It was a fine descent to Loch na Caoidhe. Easy going along a good path with a choice of great camping spots ahead.
Heading down to Loch na Caoidhe

Idyllic camp at Loch na Caoidhe
It had all been too much for poor old Charlie though, and he collapsed into a deep sleep before the tents were pitched...soon to be revived by the smell of food cooking on our stoves.
Dog tired.                                          photo courtesy of Richard.Wood        
Another brilliant day...Is there any wonder I am addicted to the Challenge?


  1. No wonder at all - it's dangerously addictive! See you next year then...?


  2. Yes John, hopefully...I will be applying. It's a brilliant event and like you, I am totally addicted.