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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Berghaus Freeflow 20 Rucksack review

Here goes with my first  (and probably last) attempt of a gear review.

Quite some time ago I had been contacted and sent a Berghaus day-sack to review. It seems I am not the only one and there appears to have been a concerted marketing drive recently to use blogs as a way of advertising Berghaus products. If you Google "Berghaus Freeflow 20 Rucksack review" the results will bring up several reviews of this product. Most, or all of which will probably be better written and more informative than this effort.
It has took me a long time to go to the trouble of writing up a review, mainly because I have rarely used the bag, other than on a couple of day trips in the Peak District and also because I have not posted on here for ages and don't seem to find the spare time to do so lately.

The quality of Berghaus rucksack's has always been very good, the first one I owned was a 35 litre Dart, which is still as good as new although I never use it now, preferring my more modern Vaude Gallery Air 30+5.
There's no doubt that the Freeflow 20 is packed with features for such a small bag including the Freeflow back system and hydration pack compatibility, it looks OK (apart from the garish green one I have been sent) and carries well. There should be a shower proof rain cover included, although this is not present on the bag I have been sent.

I suppose the key question is, would I spend up to £60 on a day-pack when I already own a very similar one?
The answer would have to be no.
There is nothing essentially wrong with the bag, but I tend to do most of my walking outside of the summer months and for that reason alone, I am more than happy with the larger Vaude bag, which has all the features that the Freeflow 20 possesses and more besides.
I prefer the larger capacity Vaude and find the Berghaus bag to be too small for my needs. I would probably use it for other activities such as bird watching as it is large enough to carry binoculars and a few necessities, but for long day walks in cool conditions where waterproofs, spare clothing as well as food and drink and other essentials are to be carried, then I would leave it at home and take the Vaude.

Freeflow back system

Hydration system compatible

Small side pockets.

Front pocket, just about large enough for a map.
And there you have it. My one and only gear review.

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